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LISTEN: Don Speaks - Sixteen Tons ft Ne$$ & Fat Tony


LISTEN: Don Speaks – Sixteen Tons ft Ne$$ & Fat Tony

Don & Dash are back, and this time we brought our friends.  “Sixteen Tons” features Ne$$ (Weekend Money) & Fat Tony.  Sampling the 68 year old song of the same name, Dash Speaks cooks up a doozie of a beat for three of indie raps best to show and prove… and boy do they do just that.

Don Speaks’ self titled LP is out on Tuesday, August 5th on Working Creative and is available for pre-order on iTu…

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Going deeper into hiding soon.

Coming back on a horse.

Alright Raleigh…..This is happening tonight! All ages. Come through. We may have some special guests.

LISTEN: LuvJones - In My Soul ft. J57, Donwill & Mike Maven

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LISTEN: Call My Name - Josie Stingray ft. Von Pea

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They’re so precious!!

Look at my daughters!

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We have lost our way as a people.

I cringed when I saw this earlier. 

oh hell no

I tasted this today, and I was EXTREMELY disappointed. And disgusted. My taste buds were offended.

Who greenlit this idea and why haven’t they been punished yet?

Well this post escalated quickly.

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We have lost our way as a people.